the saddest tears are the ones that my fingers did not catch; the ones that disappeared into my cheeks, only leaving salt deposits from the puddles they once were.

Frustration is a sleepless bitch

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. This blog honestly feels like the wonderful person I left behind so that I could travel the world and find something I am missing. This blog is the comfortable bosom that I can cry onto for hours. A place of solace. A place of acceptance. A patient…


he came over and i offered him something to drink. late at night at the sink before washing the glass his lips imprint i wondered what his lips tasted like and almost licked the surface his lips pressed, by instinct i wanted to taste his lips’ once because his distinct flavour would be gone forever…

Sleeping Beauty

My favourite disney princess growing up was Aurora. I now realise how much I relate to her, In a trance-like state, How she pricked herself on the needle of a spindle wheel. I sometimes gravitate towards a trickling of red. I am convinced she is as depressed as I am, Considering how much I would…


Funny how sand Made two stones. My parents are flowing and wonderful But their children were unmoved and emotionless

when did u stop fearing ghosts?

when i realised the ghosts i feared most were in me all along. my ghost couldn’t be seen couldn’t be heard couldn’t be muffled and played like a broken record in my head to let loose and unscrew my head and slice my skin.

who do u attribute your success to?

me. and my raw desire to leave the treasure trove of pain that was my family’s heirloom passed down from generation to generation. i did not want it to be passed down to me. i refused to accept that fate. i left so that my successors and equals would not have to accept that forced…

My brother found my yaoi collection

My brother found my yaoi collection on tachiyomi I got heart burn and He said his eyes burned. Can’t make this anymore poetic than this.


I’ve had 3 cups of coffee And slept two times today. I forgot my meds, baby, And I’m losing control over the pram. It’s funny how wonderfully confused my body is. It’s my fault, for not getting a refill, And I haven’t felt so out of touch and so desperate for love in quite some…

yesterday feels like today

i had a dream and in my dream i woke up back at home; it might have been a nightmare. but there were no tears, just an itching comfort. i missed this bed, this room, the window facing the east Sun. i woke up, my mum leaning on the door frame. she had a coffee…