My phone’s at 10% And my mind’s at 110%. Constantly being woken up Being deprived of rest. Never stopping Never forgetting All the things that I could’ve done better. I’m recklessly using myself Till I lose myself In the binary land Of what I did wrong And what could’ve gone wrong. Advertisements

fragile • part ii

i breath in my inhibitions and let it circulate my brain. let logic take over and let my emotions freeze. but like the titanic my logic sinks when it meets the glacial emotional mammoth. there’s always been a point in our lives where we ask ourselves who am i? what am i doing here? but…

Sexually Frustrated

There’s only so much of porn you can watch To satisfy your eyes You find no release in the real world Only a screen and some sexual screaming No sexual healing


I’m so tired Of waiting for peace. People tell me to calm down And wait for peace to find me. But I cannot stay still. My reflexes rush me to do the things That keeps me alive That disallows me The stillness of the lake. I can’t help but swim For I fear I’ll drown….


I lie on my bed I lie in my head I lie with my tongue I lie with a gun I lie to myself That no one will ever find The murderer of truth Lying within me.

I’m a little scared

When you’ve done everything you could possibly ever do When you’ve come to the point of letting go When you’ve got to depend on an entity called God That’s when I’m a little scared.


I was a passenger In the train of the skies My train of thought Just a smooth dream for my eyes. I gazed out of its morose glass panes And felt my breath coaxed out of me. Oh, how ignorant the clouds Oh, how ignorant indeed Of the mischief caused by the world beneath them…


I want a birth day Full of love and full of good Stuff me with some food.

Bad Boy

Lately we’ve been so piss My mind you annoy Can’t find your kiss Or your kind sweet ploy Can’t find any of this Stimulating, You good boring boy I can’t help but miss The best bad boy I want to feel your kiss As rough and coy But now I feel amiss I miss the…


I’ve cried tears of salt And now my eyes won’t shut Because they’ve crystallized Into these shallow ponds


Damn you Damn you to hell For making me feel special And unneeded at the same time.

Introverted Pleasure

Silence calls me to it’s comfortable closed doors And the coffee stains remind me Of the beating rain on my window That I used to rest my head on And a teetering novel on my weakening fingers Just spilling the coffee sitting between my thighs Where I used to sit crosslegged on my strong bed…