I’ve cried tears of salt And now my eyes won’t shut Because they’ve crystallized Into these shallow ponds Advertisements


Damn you Damn you to hell For making me feel special And unneeded at the same time.

Introverted Pleasure

Silence calls me to it’s comfortable closed doors And the coffee stains remind me Of the beating rain on my window That I used to rest my head on And a teetering novel on my weakening fingers Just spilling the coffee sitting between my thighs Where I used to sit crosslegged on my strong bed…


Let the anaesthesia flow Through my veins, shiver And my slumber quivers Dipping in and out of reality While I go in and out of surgery Let the anaesthesia flow Out of my system And bring me back To the comforting pain To know I’m alive.

I’m waiting

I wait for you to take me home But you make me wait quietly alone I’m standing in the rain My patience silently strained I feel the cold aproaching I feel the sadness enclosing I’m so tired So worn out Put me out of my mysery Put me out of it now.


Let the flood gates open And let the blood flow Free your passion and anger Let the flood gates bellow Fight for your freedom Fight for your right Pray to Mars To gain what might Lead to the destruction of your enemies And to your salvation


We’ve shared We’ve shorn We’ve shed our skin We speak We talk We tell our sins We were too blind to see What was so clear in our eyes We speak these words into reality Harder to hide.


High up on an electric pole Stands a friend of Poe’s Her dark gaze falls on us like the rain Swooping in to our daily lives Uninvited Unwanted Rejected


Between her legs came chasms of pain A river of red A period of hate Everyone heard her cries Everyone understands her woes, But she denies ever having such moans After her veil of maroon removed, torn. She was a perfect angel She claims She just had cravings for chocolate  And the mood to maim….


Fingers and bodies just inches apart, Your warmth excites me, But we are pulled away by forces we can’t escape. We rush to reach each other Before our trains leave, To a utopian dystopia, To live in a wonderful world, Lacking your presence. To meet you once in a blue moon Means to wish for…


I look at you with tenderness, That which is not reciprocated. I follow your every motion, But my emotions only confuse you. I tell you how much I care, A shameless set of sentences, Thinking you were denser than platinum, But you were just ignorant of what I’m meaning. You let me grow this complicated…


It fucking hurts

When we entrust our legacy

To everyone we cared about

And they return forgetfulness

Of our existence.