Population Pollution

Anything in excess is poison,

Including population.

Global warming is warning enough,

Don’t you think?

I blame the mindless sex,

The irresponsible, the unready.

Humans grow exponentially over the years,

And that means less space on this planet for the others, right?

The planet gives and gives,

And we repay her kindness by killing her organs one by one.

For anything in excess is poison,

Just like we are…


Losing doesn’t make you a loser,

And winning doesn’t make you a winner,

Life is full of this shit,

Full of battles and trial bits,

But if you don’t excel doesn’t mean you suck,

It means you’re human and you’re a normal buck.

Losers are an essential cog in the cogwheel of life,

Winners wouldn’t exist without the losers, like,

The left wouldn’t exist without the right.

So don’t worry and take it positively,

You sacrificed one for the team,

And you shall be remembered shortly,

‘Cause there’s a new competition,

Every second of every day,

Where you get a new chance to rip them apart anyway.


We made plans for the future,

Candy corn mountains and airplanes with fountains,

Traveling the world for the rest our lives,

But still settled in our minds,

With a ring around our fingers and a smile on our faces,

We had the perfect flying house that we carried around the world,

Tourists for life, Partying till the night.

Everything was perfect in our teenage dreams,

We held hands and walked everywhere,

Because we knew we would lose each other in the crowds of our mindless cities,

Stories we created, like when I walked around in India,

Carrying you in my arms because your feet hurt.

But somehow, you stopped listening to our stories,

And you let go of my hand and chased after something else,

Because it caught your attention.

You started telling me that all of this isn’t real,

To concentrate on the real and get rid of the ‘nightmares’.

I didn’t want to and she gave me an ultimatum,

A choice between her and my nightmares,

I tried to remind her that I had both in my dreams,

But she wouldn’t hear it and left,

And suddenly I couldn’t live in this realm,

I had to escape,

Reality was catching up and made my dreams convalesce into nightmares.

Money, Job, Security, Respect,

I was losing, there was a fault in my code,

I knew I lost everything when I lost her.

So I could only find one solution to continue living in my dreams,

I had to end my life.

“I guess I wasn’t worth more than your afterlife.”

She said at my funeral.

Note: Inspired by Greyson Chance’s song ‘Afterlife’.

I’m not Suicidal

I hate the world and the world hates me,

I’m a negative person, anyone can see,

I’m not a people person, nor am I a happy person,

But there are a few things that remind me

That life is much more than what it seems.

I have friends and family that love me,

But it’s the other people, the strangers, that I don’t want to see.

Then why do you force me to face them, Lord?

Why should I love my neighbor, why? And stop asking me, “why not?”

I find closure in my loneliness and sadness,

Whereas when none of you can handle that level of oneness.

I don’t have enemies that I hate,

And love people that won’t suffocate,

But won’t love something that is temporary,

I make sure to make them last for centuries.

That is the key to my silent joy,

And though I look down from tall buildings with a smile-less face,

Trust me honey, I’m quietly happy and safe.

Knives and blades don’t attract me,

Nor does the noose around the fan, please.

I love the concept of death but I find it so unnecessary,

To be used practically.

I simply enjoy the height and the wind,

Not the jump and certainly not the death din.


Waking up to the dreariness of the cold,

I look outside my window as if to search for your footsteps in the snow,

But I know your gone, and you’ve gone without me.

Somebody console me,

But there’s no one here.

I told you to wait, but did you?

I was ready, I had everything packed,

I had seen future miracles for us.

But then you pulled yourself away, why?

I stare down at my coffee cup and instantly I feel your presence,

Your smell, your kiss, your humor, your poison,

I see your beautiful soul smiling back at me like a reflection.

I turn around and find myself alone again.

Maybe I don’t deserve you,

Maybe I don’t deserve heaven.

“Do it if you Love me”

Hearing these words makes me want to scream,

And doing what you want is testing my dreams.

I hate being forced and even more so when you use these words,

Because I don’t love you like I did before. It’s a little lesser, turds.

“Do it if you love me,” I don’t know what you’re talking about,

If the task was impossible for me, does that mean I don’t love you? Without a doubt,

These words are the dumbest,

It only makes the reverse psychology strongest.

“Do it if you love me,” my patience is being tested,

Stop forcing me, I’m only a child, go make another robot rusted.

I only say no when I absolutely won’t do it,

Then why aunty, are you still pushing it?

Not What I Wanted

Originally posted on Daggers And Hearts:
The warm beach sand feel like burning charcoal charring the soles of my feet. The deep blue waters, stained green with moss and the morning sun painting the sky in beautiful shades of blue, white, golden-yellow, fiery red and orange are a perfect imagery of what one would call…


I thought I regretted fighting everyone till they bled,

But the truth is, justice is justice,

Whether accepted or dead,

LGBT or straight, we deserve the right to love.

And I became a lawyer to fight for what’s right,

To fight for my marriage,

To fight for my heart.

The Paper Plane of my Dreams

I was too late to realize my dream,

Too distracted by others,

Too many options,

Too many people to care about,

And too many “too many”‘s.

No more spaces in my closed world,

Flying paper planes of hopes in this tiny mystery,

Of broken dreams and broken cities.

“Follow your dreams” they said,

But how can I, when the road for another is already laid?

I ask what would happen if I chose the road not taken,

Would I be happy? Would I be glad?

Or would it be a disaster? A temporary glance

Or a meek peep at the future would’ve been helpful,

But time isn’t that grateful.

I bank on the fact that I can blame the world for my failures,

Because if I risked everything, the world would blame me.

I’m a normal student in the midst of a maelstrom,

Not sure if I should choose my paper boat of duties,

Or my paper plane of dreams.

Note: I wrote this because I wanted to let you know, not everyone can follow their dreams, and that’s okay. We can look forward to making new goals and dreams in the path we’ve been given or chosen. I’m not the kind to live dangerously or take risks, and I’m not ashamed of that. But I won’t give up. And that’s why I’ll keep my dreams on hold for a little while longer.

I was too late to realize how close writing has been to my heart and how well I could’ve done in that field. But here I am taking the very opposite of the field I love – science. Everything has been set for my journey to become an engineer. Everyone around me has put their blood, sweat and tears into this gig and I won’t give it up. And I’ll push through and look forward to the day I become an engineer and a writer…

I’m Sorry, December.

Dear December,

I’m writing this letter to tell you how much I regret treating you the way I did. How I cared too much about myself before I did about you. You cared about our hearts, but I only cared about protecting mine.

It all starting with me trying to make friends with the new kids in school. But it took time because you were too shy. So I let you take your time. Now that I think about it, you must have plucked up as much courage as I did when I tried to greet you for the first time.

And friends we became. Shared interests or common enemies are usually the bases of an ordinary friendship. Ours was based on neither. We liked introducing each other to new stuff – musicians, comedians and memes. Remember, December?

But then you became cocky and overstepped your boundaries. My boundaries. After all those clues I told you about how I don’t believe in love, and yet you still tried to convince me to wait for you.

I wish you never asked the question that started it all. The regret, the confusion, the frustration. You tried to sabotage our friendship and tried to shape it into something it couldn’t be. You chose the wrong girl, one without enough love to give others.

Sadness grew into Hatred that week. I lost you and you lost me.

But here I am now, again, after 5 months, hoping you’ll forget how I ignored you. Hoping you’ll forgive me. Hoping you will talk to me again even after all the pain we exchanged. Mine a bigger package than yours.

And you did, and I love you for that. Though, I still ask you for forgiveness. Distance makes the heart long stronger. Hope to see you soon, my dear friend.

Love, Sorry.

Feathery Bitches

You look at me with those beady eyes,

Those soulless, clouded, empty smiles.

Your feathers invoke fear,

And it travels up my skin, dear.

Sometimes I find myself gagging up my chicken breast,

When I imagine it running around without rest.

I forget to eat, and much worse,

Forget to swallow.

Don’t peck out my eyes,

And don’t wallow.

This irrational fear takes over even in public places,

Quiet screams and tiny jumps in their spaces.

The winged creatures panning the sky doesn’t seem beautiful to me,

But rather scares me like a dam, about to breach.

Birds are the bitches of the skies,

I agree,

But even though I hate you,

I don’t wish for you to go extinct.

So please do stay,

But stay away from me.

My Heart and my Belly

Call me fat,

Call me ugly,

Say that my pants don’t exactly fit me,

Look at me,

With those ‘observative’ eyes,

Rate my body and not my mind,

“Reading won’t help you dear,

Exercise will,

Now don’t be queer,”

Thank you aunty for your sheer words of wisdom,

Now excuse me while throw them into

The magical land of the dustbin kingdom,

Food is for eating,

Like brain is for using,

Stop controlling what I should be believing.

Can’t you be happy just by seeing me smile,

Or do you gain sadistic pleasure,

By wiping it off my mind.

This poem may be messy,

Like my delicious spaghetti,

But here’s a lesson to you,

For all you silly ladies,

Stop teaching girls that their body shape isn’t natural,

And can be cut up into pieces and reattached like a barbie doll,

Stop being stereotypical and use your brain for once, you blonde.

Whoops, I dropped the mike and

I’m g-g-g-gone.