Black Eyes

Those black eyes look at me through thin lens,

She sits at the edge of the class with her hair in uneven fringes.

She’s always so quiet, but her eyes speak for her silence,

Though none of us have dared to understand her inner violence.

She seems peaceful for a while, then agitated the next,

Her thought processes, from here, seem so complex.

I approach the introvert while she begins to write like she does during the break,

And ask if I may take a seat next to her, but her eyes told me to refrain.

I sat anyway, to observe her close, while she tried to act like it didn’t bother her,

But it was clear with time, that I don’t.

I saw her beautiful eyes take stolen glances at me while she worked,

Like an artist with his muse and a glutton with his food.


And so days went on, with me by her side,

As I talked constantly whether she was ready to listen or abide,

Waiting and hoping for the day she did too,

Because once friend’s with an introvert, they won’t leave you.

The black eyed princess soon came to speak,

And I would be the only one who would be able to see,

This side of her craziness and share her love for poetry.

For once she began talking, her eyes would light up,

And once she began talking, no one could shut her up.

My days were illuminated with her presence,

And nothing could separate us.


But the dog days are over,

And so did our friendship.


Free verse was the chaos of the poetry world,

Like friendship was in ours.


Our relationship darkened just like the night.

We were being pulled apart like a rubber band.

But she couldn’t bear not being close to me,

And I…I needed her to know what changed in my heart.

I needed more from her and she needed me.

As another bloomed from the ashes of our friendship,

That which was born from a kiss and a touch of the night,

I loved her and she loved me,

And a mark of wedding bands appeared on our fingers,

And I’ve loved my Black Eyed Princess since her eyes met mine.



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