My Heart and my Belly

Call me fat,

Call me ugly,

Say that my pants don’t exactly fit me,


Look at me,

With those ‘observative’ eyes,

Rate my body and not my mind,


“Reading won’t help you dear,

Exercise will,

Now don’t be queer,”


Thank you aunty for your sheer words of wisdom,

Now excuse me while throw them into

The magical land of the dustbin kingdom,


Food is for eating,

Like brain is for using,

Stop controlling what I should be believing.


Can’t you be happy just by seeing me smile,

Or do you gain sadistic pleasure,

By wiping it off my mind.


This poem may be messy,

Like my delicious spaghetti,

But here’s a lesson to you,

For all you silly ladies,


Stop teaching girls that their body shape isn’t natural,

And can be cut up into pieces and reattached like a barbie doll,

Stop being stereotypical and use your brain for once, you blonde.


Whoops, I dropped the mike and

I’m g-g-g-gone.



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