The Lamb who loved Mary

“May I come in sir?” she asks after coming in. She closes the heavy wooden door behind her and smiles warmly at the hostage this room held. The windows shone with the brilliance of a setting Sun and this was the time when most were halfway through their siesta.

“Who’s the master here?” I ask, obviously amused, and sit up on my bed.

“Obviously you, sir.” she curtsy’s with a grin, twirling her feather duster.

“Stop playing games Mary,” I pull her towards me and she sits on my lap with her arms around my neck,”You know you’re not allowed into this room. Won’t your mother get mad?”

“She won’t be if she doesn’t get to know, right?” she plays with my hair while she talks. Even though I love the feel of her near me, I know I shouldn’t get any closer. For if I touch her any further, I might scar her…forever.

A relationship between a servant and royalty – well you get the gist…

“But have you ever thought about what would happen to you if we were caught? The consequences-” I was cut off.

“Tell me this – can you live without me? Can I live without you? Won’t you miss me when I’m gone? If I leave now, I’ll crave for you till the day I di-” I cupped her mouth with my hand, softly.

“Don’t say it. Please…” my voice reduced to a whisper. I bow my head at the thought of this and lower my palm. I know she hates being stopped mid speech, but I couldn’t help it this time.

She lifts my head tenderly with both of her warm hands and looks me in the eyes. “I know the consequences as much as you. But I’d rather just worry about how I sneak into your room.” she smiles, with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

I let our lips touch and slowly, I let go of reason, like I let go of my restraint. I forgot my worries as I let her lay on my bed with her chest heaving. She pulls down her dress’s zip that traced her tingling spine but I don’t let her go any further for I haven’t lost all of my mind.

“No honey…I can’t.” I whisper into her ear, letting her down softly. I clumsily try to get off of her but her fingers slightly touches my shoulder, not letting her words speak for her. I hold her hand and kiss her chest for the last time today and get off.

“Trust me when I say that,” I help her sit up and zip up her bare beautiful back, touching it slightly as it goes up,”you can make me forget everything when you’re near me. And that might not always be a bad thing.” I smile at her blushing face.

“Maria! Where are you?” Mary’s chambermaid calls for her through the halls.”Your mother’s looking for you!”

We look at each other for a few seconds, as if to make this memory last longer, and she kisses me tenderly and leaves the room in a hurry.

“Mary had a little lamb…” I mumble the one line and sigh. Stupid Lamb…

Stupid me.


And everywhere that Mary went

The lamb was sure to go.

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