I’m Sorry, December.

Dear December,

I’m writing this letter to tell you how much I regret treating you the way I did. How I cared too much about myself before I did about you. You cared about our hearts, but I only cared about protecting mine.

It all starting with me trying to make friends with the new kids in school. But it took time because you were too shy. So I let you take your time. Now that I think about it, you must have plucked up as much courage as I did when I tried to greet you for the first time.

And friends we became. Shared interests or common enemies are usually the bases of an ordinary friendship. Ours was based on neither. We liked introducing each other to new stuff – musicians, comedians and memes. Remember, December?

But then you became cocky and overstepped your boundaries. My boundaries. After all those clues I told you about how I don’t believe in love, and yet you still tried to convince me to wait for you.

I wish you never asked the question that started it all. The regret, the confusion, the frustration. You tried to sabotage our friendship and tried to shape it into something it couldn’t be. You chose the wrong girl, one without enough love to give others.

Sadness grew into Hatred that week. I lost you and you lost me.

But here I am now, again, after 5 months, hoping you’ll forget how I ignored you. Hoping you’ll forgive me. Hoping you will talk to me again even after all the pain we exchanged. Mine a bigger package than yours.

And you did, and I love you for that. Though, I still ask you for forgiveness. Distance makes the heart long stronger. Hope to see you soon, my dear friend.

Love, Sorry.


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