The Paper Plane of my Dreams

I was too late to realize my dream,

Too distracted by others,

Too many options,

Too many people to care about,

And too many “too many”‘s.


No more spaces in my closed world,

Flying paper planes of hopes in this tiny mystery,

Of broken dreams and broken cities.


“Follow your dreams” they said,

But how can I, when the road for another is already laid?

I ask what would happen if I chose the road not taken,

Would I be happy? Would I be glad?

Or would it be a disaster? A temporary glance

Or a meek peep at the future would’ve been helpful,

But time isn’t that grateful.


I bank on the fact that I can blame the world for my failures,

Because if I risked everything, the world would blame me.

I’m a normal student in the midst of a maelstrom,

Not sure if I should choose my paper boat of duties,

Or my paper plane of dreams.


Note: I wrote this because I wanted to let you know, not everyone can follow their dreams, and that’s okay. We can look forward to making new goals and dreams in the path we’ve been given or chosen. I’m not the kind to live dangerously or take risks, and I’m not ashamed of that. But I won’t give up. And that’s why I’ll keep my dreams on hold for a little while longer.

I was too late to realize how close writing has been to my heart and how well I could’ve done in that field. But here I am taking the very opposite of the field I love – science. Everything has been set for my journey to become an engineer. Everyone around me has put their blood, sweat and tears into this gig and I won’t give it up. And I’ll push through and look forward to the day I become an engineer and a writer…





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