Not What I Wanted

Mind blowing…

Daggers And Hearts

The warm beach sand feel like burning charcoal charring the soles of my feet.

The deep blue waters, stained green with moss and the morning sun painting the sky in beautiful shades of blue, white, golden-yellow, fiery red and orange are a perfect imagery of what one would call a breath-taking view. And it did make me feel breathless. Breathless not from the view, but from the happenings of the previous night. It makes me feel disgusted and dirty. My body still feels the clawing nails, the greedy gaze, and the hungry body of him. He of whom I know nothing, except his name, James, which also would have been a lie.
Each wave washing my feet was trying to assure me that it was all over; over with the night, gone with the wind. But my mind wouldn’t let me forget it. The harsh memory kept on replaying itself…

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