I’m not Suicidal

I hate the world and the world hates me,

I’m a negative person, anyone can see,

I’m not a people person, nor am I a happy person,

But there are a few things that remind me

That life is much more than what it seems.

I have friends and family that love me,

But it’s the other people, the strangers, that I don’t want to see.

Then why do you force me to face them, Lord?

Why should I love my neighbor, why? And stop asking me, “why not?”

I find closure in my loneliness and sadness,

Whereas when none of you can handle that level of oneness.

I don’t have enemies that I hate,

And love people that won’t suffocate,

But won’t love something that is temporary,

I make sure to make them last for centuries.

That is the key to my silent joy,

And though I look down from tall buildings with a smile-less face,

Trust me honey, I’m quietly happy and safe.

Knives and blades don’t attract me,

Nor does the noose around the fan, please.

I love the concept of death but I find it so unnecessary,

To be used practically.

I simply enjoy the height and the wind,

Not the jump and certainly not the death din.


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