We made plans for the future,

Candy corn mountains and airplanes with fountains,

Traveling the world for the rest our lives,

But still settled in our minds,

With a ring around our fingers and a smile on our faces,

We had the perfect flying house that we carried around the world,

Tourists for life, Partying till the night.

Everything was perfect in our teenage dreams,

We held hands and walked everywhere,

Because we knew we would lose each other in the crowds of our mindless cities,

Stories we created, like when I walked around in India,

Carrying you in my arms because your feet hurt.

But somehow, you stopped listening to our stories,

And you let go of my hand and chased after something else,

Because it caught your attention.

You started telling me that all of this isn’t real,

To concentrate on the real and get rid of the ‘nightmares’.

I didn’t want to and she gave me an ultimatum,

A choice between her and my nightmares,

I tried to remind her that I had both in my dreams,

But she wouldn’t hear it and left,

And suddenly I couldn’t live in this realm,

I had to escape,

Reality was catching up and made my dreams convalesce into nightmares.

Money, Job, Security, Respect,

I was losing, there was a fault in my code,

I knew I lost everything when I lost her.

So I could only find one solution to continue living in my dreams,

I had to end my life.


“I guess I wasn’t worth more than your afterlife.”

She said at my funeral.


Note: Inspired by Greyson Chance’s song ‘Afterlife’.



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