Disney’s Alice: The Murderous Intent

“The White Rabbit thinks it’s time for me to leave,

And Caterpillar makes me smoke his pipe,

The Cheshire cat tries to eat me,

And the Dormouse wants me to die.


The White Queen is quite mad and asks me to slit her wrist in the evening,

But I refuse every single time,

She then calls her Red sister and asks her to murder her in her sleep,

And I stop her blood-thirsty sibling every night.


Lastly what made me want to leave this world was the Mad Hatter’s betrayal,

He says he loves me and the next he tries to stab me,

I can’t run away from this brute,

Whatever the offers of tea and coffee,


He says he was cursed to kill whatever he’s loved,

And hence, here he is with one eye of murder and one eye of lust,

I run and run but they catch up to me,

And so I overdose myself with some upelkuchen and some pishsalver and leave…”










Note:  This is probably gonna be a series on my blog. The Dark Disney theme has been a been-there-done-that sorta thing but I just can’t help myself. I really enjoyed writing this one and hope to write more.

Art by Maryam Safdar. Follow her on facebook.

Inspiration of Mad Hatter from Heart no Kuni no Alice.


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