There were days when I couldn’t live without coffee,

And there were days I detested the beverage.

The much awaited first taste meant I was going to be an adult,

But I realized that it was not for me, it was too bitter, like the men around me.


Forlorn and bitter, the day came when I would start enjoying it,

Nothing a little sugar, milk and hatred couldn’t fix.

Alas the taste lingered and turned into something evil,

Just like my feelings, I fell apart with no where to start.


Everywhere I went, I saw people enjoying variations of the bean,

Chocolates, cold coffees, cakes and fake yellow smiles.

No one fucking cares about us, but we mask it with this addiction,

To let everyone know that we are just as bitter as the coffee but just as arousing.


The black liquid looks back at me with a grin,

This tempestuous relationship needs to end,

No amount of sex and temporary happiness can save this relation,

So I cut the addiction at the bud,

And get on with my sad miserable life without the life inducing placebo drug.




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