Go Fuck Yourself

You tell me to have fun and to be free,

But you only want me to do it according your creed.

You are a grown up with no mental stability,

It’s true, I’ve seen it, and you need a new mentality.

Everything you say makes me want to hit a wall,

Especially when you drink and justify it all.

You bring out your vices in front of your wife and children,

And you act like the world doesn’t see it, oh aren’t I smitten.

No one likes you and frankly I have doubted my love for you,

Time and time again, Christmas time was especially memorable, woohoo.

Why do you believe everything you do and everything you say is right?

Did you forget that you’re human? Did you forget the Lord’s might?

You need to backtrack and stop counting your coins,

Look at your family and look at you ‘friends’, Do you see my point?

You hate being told what to do,

Maybe, surely, your ego is too big for you.

Even your parents fear you and your brothers are scared to do the right thing,

They just blabber and then you dismiss everything.

If forcing me to stand next to your drinking buddies makes you happy,

Then maybe next time, you won’t ever see me.

Sayonara compadre, I don’t think I’ll ever be this bold,

And I hope you go fuck yourself, for the good of us all.



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