The darkness basks in your beauty,

As you wait for me at night,

High atop your boulder,

Signalling me at sight.


I swim away from the island,

And reach you through the screaming waves,

Your kisses heal my injuries,

And your love is what I crave.


When I leave you,

You create tears of salt,

Burning both your eyes,

And my heart.


I hate that I love this forbidden relationship,

But the seriousness of my love begins to start,

No matter the distance between us,

Under the sea or above the stars.


I pray to Poseidon to give me lungs,

So that I may be one with my sweetheart,

But the God, so cruel, made me age sooner,

Jealousy’s punishment split us apart.


On my last day of life, I told her,

“Wait for me my love, I won’t leave ya’,”

So I pass to the underworld and meet Hades,

“Nice to meet ya'”


Hades asks me why I’ve requested his audience,

And I say,

“I know something that will piss off your brother,”

He smiles, pleased by what my lips convey.


“Poseidon loves my lover

And has separated us both,

Please bring us together,

Oh Mighty Lord.”


He smiles and brings back my health,

Sends me home to my loved one,

I am now,

Part fish with scales.


As promised, I go back to my realm,

To my love and deep away from him.

A mermaid and her merman,

Under the curse of a protective spell.


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