Drawing in closer,

But pulling away faster,

You need to decide where you are in my life right now,


Decide your depth in my ocean of gloom,

My river of sorrows,

And my sea of shrooms.


What’s the time?

Where’s the money?

Where are my keys, honey?

Why were you out so late?

Aren’t you afraid of robbers?

Hey, do you think they caught us!?

Picnics and beaches a thing of the past,

The only thing we go out for, is for pokemon,

Chasing love lives and chocolate coins,

Something materialistic made from someone’s toin.

“Make money and fuck bitches” seems like life’s motto,

Being carefree is a hard thing to do,

“Don’t worry be happy” seems stupid too.

The sarcasm cannot be stressed enough for this one,

Life is more than money, measurements and gaining a ton.


You make me feel like I’m the world,

You make me feel like I’m unwanted,

Why do you drive over my emotions?

Why do I feel like salt in the ocean?

I want you to tell me that my fantasies are real,

That you love me and you want to know what holding me feels.

Drive me crazy, Drive me mad,

Drive me round the track,

With one hand on the steering and one hand on my soul,

Till you can’t leave me no more.


I lay the food on the table,

And wait for him to bring the plates,

We switch on the TV and watch some dumb games,

He wraps his hands around my waist and pulls me near,

“What’s for dinner?”

“Your face.”

The Woman of my Dreams

Recently these dreams have been going haywire,

Falling in love with a random woman, the moon’s lyre,

Her body so beautiful, her very existence pulls me apart,

Her scent better than honeysuckle,

Her constitution like baby’s breath,

Her silent little chuckles,

Takes away my breath,

I wake up with my chest heaving every night she appears,

And every night I beg her to come back,

To kiss me, while I make fake promises to her,

The woman of my dreams finally gave up on this fleeting moment,

To chase her own dreams, with my heart left broken.


As he turned the corner, he prayed no one would notice,

His backpack close and his change chinking,

The night drew lots of lost boys to this abandoned city,

One migrated from hell, away his own father,

To find solace within himself,

To find the angels that abandoned him,

His father’s crimes indescribable and irreconcilable,

Breaking through each day without remorse,

“But no one can bring back the dead,”

His excuse, his only excuse.

So he killed his mother’s killer,

His umbrella stained with his father’s blood,

The son like Oedipus,

His horrendous crime of passion.

Haunt me

Your touch, so blue,

Your eyes, like death,

Confine me, release me,

Breathing forget,

When you wreck hearts recklessly;

Infinity calls me up to say,

Give up, baby.

Haunt me, Hold me,

Teach me, Tease me,

Push me, Pull me,

Jailbreak me, Justify me.

Ice cream cones and buses,

Drugs and flibbertigibbets,

Your cravings are so ghastly,

That they make me scream,

Slip my thoughts in,

Ever so carefully,

Only to hydroplane,

And spin uncontrollably.

Japanese/Anime Songs I Love

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Anime because the Manga life called me. But the one of the few things that manga lacks is a soundtrack.

And that’s why I keep finding myself listening to my favourite Anime songs time and time again. I still attempt to sing them even when the words are like Webdings to me.

So without further delay, here it is. My top ten favourite anime songs, in no particular order:

1. Bleach

Life – YUI

2. Hayate the Combat Butler

Honjitsu, Mankai Watashi Iro! – Itou Shizuka

3. Full Metal Alchemist

Again – YUI

4. Samurai Champloo

Shiki No Uta – Nujabes ft. MINMI

5. K-ON!

NO, Thank You! – Ho-kago Tea Time

6 & 7. Kaichou wa Maid Sama

Akane – UxMishi

Yume no Hana – UxMishi

8 & 9. Law of Ueki

No regret – Avex

Little Planets – Aiko Kayō

10. Attack On Titan

Guren no Yumiya – Linked Horizon

The Guest

Like a guest, you stay at home rarely,

I tell you to leave some time for me,

But you make excuses daily.

“My job, My job, My job!”

The same song everyday,

I miss you, you idiot, understand me!

I’m your wife with the same needs as you,

With a job and more responsibilities than you,

My life is devoid of the man I love,

Is this marriage? Is this love?


All I ask is for you to search the corners of your mind quietly,

And not tell anyone of your misfortune,

All I ask is for you to wait like the father,

Waiting for his prodigal son.


Sent myself to find myself,

To answer questions like “Why was I born?”

“Why do my eyes see the soul?”

“How do I forget you without remorse?”

Miss me, please.

If I run away from my home,

Will anyone miss me?

Will anyone notice?

Will anyone care?

Is this my legacy?

Such is my fear.

I don’t want you to find me,

Just wait for me to come back home,

A man enlightened.