How to forget you?

I wish I could stop thinking about you,

Because you are invading the spheres of my life,

Even when you’re not around,

And it’s not right anymore.

It’s like a drug,

I keep taking you in without knowing

What damage you’re doing to my insides,

I want to let you go baby, but I’m not ready.

We met by chance and I wish I never spoke to you,

Because all I think about now, is you.

Our talks make me so excited,

I’m not sure if you feel it too.

Controversial and personal,

Everything about you irritates me,

That it makes me giggle,

And you keep trying to change my mind.

Just that one day gives me beautiful memories,

Now morphed into dark dreary dreams.

I wish we never met and

I’m sure we’re never gonna meet again,

‘Cuz your leaving forever,

With my heart in your backpack.


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