With her blood red beads around her mocha skin

and her bright kohl lined eyes

her hair thicker than the taiga

and sleeker than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7



that explodes in your face if you charge it….



*I mean, like, what is up with that? People died. This ain’t right. Yunno, this is what we get for asking for a better and more innovative tech every day of our lives. Maybe we should slow down progress… maybe we should go back to a more simplistic lifestyle.

Take a breather if you know what I mean. Yeah, if you’re still reading this, I’m sorry this turned into a rant, IT JUST HAPPENED. I didn’t mean to fool you, this was a joke and …

Okay okay I’m gonna finish the poem now. Leave it to me to totally destroy the flow and let you continue this crap.*



her face just took their breath away

and made all the curious turn

to capture her face in their minds one last time

before she bought the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


*It had to be done*
*I’m an idiot*




One Comment Add yours

  1. justuscreek says:

    I like the twists and turns, the surprises. Good job. 🙂


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