Break me

in half

and eat a


mesh the leftover

and let the people ponder

why men change

but the truth is we don’t even feel it

we go through the stress and the warmth

and the freezing cold.

There is no way we cannot change

so don’t ask me why I’m not constant

I live my life like

Existence is a lie

Like society is blind

Like the stars are scars

to the heaven that is so hard to find.


i hope i don’t die before i repay my unpayable debts

the coffee stains my teeth

creating its own masterpiece on my once white canvas

ants sting my flesh

but all i feel is your bite

false hope is the worst thing you can give someone

after your tiny little deprecating words scattered into my timeline

my words often don’t make sense

but they don’t have to because

mitochondria is the power house of the cell.


You promise to be Inseparable,

But Detachable, we never were,

My arms reach for you when I hear your Pains and Problems,

And my heart echoes forward when I hear your Beautiful giggles,

However hollow now,

I hope to meet you soon, my friends,

Dead or Alive.


Our futures merely tessellate

Just carbon footprints on the cleaned floor

I hear voices of imminent danger

While you see dreams of the omnipresent living-dead

We connect with suffering and share our chalice of blood

And find ourselves separated by the 4th dimension

Ma, I hope you find what you’re looking for

Because I’m starting to come to terms with

The inevitability of our destruction.