For a Friend #1

Through all the awkward stares

And the intelligent battles

We sit together to finish this model.

I speak about nothing useful

And you make fun

While your hands work magic

On the breadboard we’ve got.

Four more years of this life

And I hope we get to be on the same team

Because I’m as useless as the empty cupboard

Near our feet.

Please forgive me for not knowing better

I try, but fail as much

As the sun fails to stay up all night

And send it’s leave letter.

But I’m so confused as to how you think and feel

You seem distant

And I often think it’s because of me

Whether that be true or not to be.

Turn Around

I was looking for something I couldn’t find in you

So when I finally realized my fallacy

I turned my back to you and found everything I was missing

I might not have found what I was looking for

But I created a life where I didn’t need it anymore.

senseless #2

Feel like a mess

Feel like a sinner

Take my revenge

And save my saviour

But I can’t pretend to be hero.


Love fades

But the memories bite

Love fades

But the emotions fight

“Do you remember me?”

I wish I didn’t.


I love a boy

I love a girl

But does it matter?

It still hurts the same.