Once a traveler found himself lost near a river

He placed his body under a banyan tree

And under the light of the shimmer

Of the night’s Sun, that listened to the

Wails of Lost Travelers.

His fear of the darkness made him fight,

With his powerful voice, his song flew like a kite.

The hours went on like a parade

His voice serenaded the serene scene.

Over the silence of his throat

A pebble fell from the Luna

And into the epicenter of his thoughts.

He noticed a ripple in the still natural mirror

And saw a figure in a fetal position

Adorned by the floating lotuses

Embedded in the same crystal water.

Without a second thought,

He leapt in to save the motionless

He pulled her out from her invisible cocoon

The fair bare maiden, made his heart throb

He let her lie under the banyan tree

In his makeshift shelter of leaves,

And covered her in his jacket,

He waited for her to awaken

So that he may be on his way.

And so she did revive,

Her skin glowing like the moon,

And her hypnotizing eyes and mesmerizing smile

Concentrating on her finder.

“Are you alright?” he asked,

And she did nothing but smile.

“You are no ordinary maid,

For you were born of the moon and the river.

And you are adorned by the light of Selene.

You are a Goddess, are you not?

Who are thee?”

“I am yours for all eternity.”

She says,

Her voice like trickling water.

“Love leaves the immortal behind,”

He says as he cradles her face,

“But I will not,”

She says as they consumate their love.

The Goddess spends all her time with her traveler,

Seeing the incredible world by his side,

But she knew she didn’t have long before his lifetime ended,

So she begs for immortality from her superiors,

And so she makes a deal with Jupiter.

“I give up my future children in exchange of his immortality,”

Jupiter said,”So be it! Your children shall be precious moonstones,

And in the hands of the men of the world forever.”

The immortal traveler did not know of this exchange,

And the Goddess told him the moonstones were a symbol of their eternal love,

And so, there ended the tale of the traveler and the daughter of luna

With an abundance of moonstones in world

For the love of a man.


Inside every prisoner, is a person who wants to break free

Inside every enemy, there is a person who fears me

Inside every man, is a young boy full of hopes and dreams

Inside every warrior, is a person who braves battle scars and defeat

Inside every room, are interiors of memories

Inside every murderer, is a board of charcuterie

Inside every musician, is noise and clarity

Inside you, is person of multiple insecurities

Inside me, is a person who would overcome these


It’s all death threats and trust with you,

I’d rather watch you shut up

Yes, my tongue slipped up and I gave you a rude surprise

And, sure, the world got to know, of our little secret enterprise

I thought it didn’t matter

I thought it was fun

Why should I give a shit when the deed is already done?

Why mope over spilt milk and fight over the graves of the forgotten?

Leave me be, and Don’t let me get rotten.

You say it’s all my fault that you lost to the Tsar,

But the pawns were already charging before you even planned on waging war.

So leave this unattended messenger be

Because you have mistreated me

For all my callous actions

And I have retorted nothing to thee.

And like a fool I took this abuse to please you, my Lord

When I could’ve broke the whip and ran off.

Omission is a lie

And Omission is an error

You and I are at fault

Together Forever.