It’s all death threats and trust with you,

I’d rather watch you shut up

Yes, my tongue slipped up and I gave you a  rude surprise

And, sure, the world got to know, of our little secret enterprise

I thought it didn’t matter

I thought it was fun

Why should I give a shit when the deed is already done?

Why mope over spilt milk and fight over the graves of the forgotten?

Leave me be, and Don’t let me get rotten.

You say it’s all my fault that you lost to the Tsar,

But the pawns were already charging before you even planned on waging war.

So leave this unattended messenger be

Because you have mistreated me

For all my callous actions

And I have retorted nothing to thee.

And like a fool I took this abuse to please you, my Lord

When I could’ve broke the whip and ran off.

Omission is a lie

And Omission is an error

You and I are at fault

Together Forever.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Varun says:

    Real nice one there..


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