It’s Me, Hannah Baker.


Maybe I’m an attention seeker

Maybe the depression I’m going through looks unreal

But I’m scared

I’m scared for my life

And the murderer within me

I don’t think I can let go of this cancerous thought

So much death

So much of freedom

I wish someone gave a shit

I wish I gave less of a shit

Why am I so preoccupied with myself?

My acts of kindness gives me whiplash

And it hurts

It hurts like hell

I want to walk away from my sadness

From my high expectations

But I’ve loved and lost

My whole being wished it would be released from this bony cage

It all started with hope

A hope for something better

No one would believe this smile isn’t from a genuine origin

I want to admit to someone that I’m suicidal

But I don’t want advice

I want salvation

Someone to fix my problem

Without touching me

Without letting me pass my anger to the next

I could write forever about my disappointment

But that would bore you

Like it bores many

I want a listener 

Who can make out the words from my silence

Violence seems like the last option.


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