Call Me By Your Name

I love you

I want to touch you

Lick your lips

Kiss your neck

But these inhibitions

Encourages drowning my words


I find you stealing glances at me

Fingers reaching for my hair

These blades of grass

You cross to reach me

To return my intricate intimacies


You reach out to my statue

To worship it’s body

And I yours

The midnight calls its lovers 

To take shelter 

Under it’s sheets


The sweet taste of apricots and peaches

You bend to breath me in

And swallow me whole

You take a part of me

I wish you didn’t go

My sweet mystery of love


“We wasted so many days”

Woe is me

But these feelings

I’m adviced not to bury it

How much sorrow can I take?


Life goes on

But I remember everything

Elio Elio Elio Elio Elio Elio




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