it means something.

i think everything means something. something more. nothing less. i think it means something when my eyes constantly follow your silhouette. i think it means something when you tell me something that no one else knows about you. i think it means something when you look back at me when you walk away. i think…

Lover Lost

I lost my way I was looking for my lover I took one wrong step To the right of the Bleeding Tree And forest ate me up.


When i look at you All i feel is bitter longing. Even though i know i don’t want us to be together i don’t want you to go kiss other girls. It isn’t fair But please be mine Exclusively Platonically. This petty jealousy is getting the better of me And i hurt you knowingly Only…

Alone but not Lonely

There is a place beyond the woods Within the heart of the flora Where a cottage awaits you Furnished with warmth and love And only comfort to greet you. This is the habitat of the Alone but not Lonely.