Fake Funeral

If I died early on, I’d want to see my own funeral. Maybe I should try one of those dummy body switch shit. It might work. But unfortunately, I don’t have that kind of money and contacts. Also my mother and grandmother are very observing. They could find the tiniest flaw and I’m done for.


Some days, One person can tip the scale To switch ON the hypo manic And turn OFF the depressive panic.


There was once a boy I loved But he had lazer eyes And everytime he’d look at me He’d chip away a piece of me. But I didn’t mind Because he was just so beautiful to look at. His attention was all I craved. But at the end of the day, I had a huge…


If i could write mean letters to people, I would start with giving one to almost every teacher that taught me in college. Why were you so openly biased?


Everything is just rubbish! I fight stereotypes only to be put in one. A rebel. A loudmouth.

Red Cartoon Heart Eyes

I hesitate to look you in the eyes, Perchance you see red cartoon hearts in place of my pupils. I tried to be hurt by you and flush those red shapes out through my tears, But all that happened was I always ran back to you So that you would kiss my boo boo. My…


I can’t wait to say my goodbyes So that I may never see you again. But I’ll gladly accept your appearance In a nostalgic piece of memory, Painful ones, Tinted in Rose Gold.

Lead the Way

If I were lost, Would you give me a map? Or would you take me there?

Close friends

Sometimes I wonder, Do I really have someone that I can talk to? Someone I rely on when I’m in need? Do I limit myself from intimate interaction because I don’t trust anyone to handle my fragile feelings with care? Do I think that person will listen and not interrupt me with unneeded advice? Even…

Run With the Wind

Melancholia. What a dream. If you were to run, would you run with me? Or would you lead the way, and push the wind aside for me? I want to support you more than an any other. With every foot I place in front of another and with every kilometer you can see my blood…