my father was good at what he does – deceive

he was so paranoid about the outside world knowing about the beast within

that he built tall walls, enough to best Rapunzel’s tower.

but he kept captives, – my mother, my brother and i

and even when we ran outside the walls searching for help,

everyone pushed us back into the lair of the beast.

the walls symbolised helplessness and our efforts to escape couldn’t overcome the wall outside the walls

of societal pressure and familial guilt.


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  1. fishrobber says:

    I think you’re right: some people never change, or if they do they take a long time. In my case, the ones that hurt me couldn’t change because they had died, and although the years passed I continued to remember them through the eyes of a frightened child. I could not escape those memories until I learned to be more understanding and compassionate, and let go of anger. I couldn’t change other people, but in time I learned to change myself. … I hope it takes you less time to heal than I needed.


  2. fishrobber says:

    this resonates … I grew up in an environment of paranoia and mistrust of the outside world – our problems were nobody else’s business – so I never got the help I needed as a young person, and I still struggle to trust anyone. Do you have the same problem?

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    1. i’m overly trusting and it creates a new set of problems. but the hurt child inside me feels slightly soothed from therapy and moving away from home. even so, i realise daily that there is no true escape from my problems as long as people remain the same. we crave for change that takes it’s own sweet time. do you resonate with this aswell?


      1. fishrobber says:

        sorry, I tried to “reply” and it didn’t work!


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