Hi! I’m awkward, how ’bout you?

I like pandas, memes and manga. Much Wow!

I dislike onions, birds and talking. Such Amaze! (Such…*sigh*…Disappointment)

I’m obviously a 9gagger…yeah, put that in my resume.

I’m an 18 year old lacking any sort of maturity. The only time I run is when I’m faced with responsibility. I’m also a last minuter (It’s gonna do wonders for my college life).

Kinda like how I kept this ‘About’ page in it’s natural state for a long time – empty.

I’m also an engineering student who secretly and not so secretly wants to sit at home and write till I faint, like in all those cliched shoujo mangas. I don’t know what I’ll write, but God knows no one will want to read it; And for those who do, they won’t know where I hide my cringe-worthy shit (Refer mom).

I use manga/monochrome pictures for uniformity and I think it’s working. I don’t mean to use copyrighted material nor do I take ownership of the images used. All credits go to the respective owners. And I’m very thankful to you folks for helping me create the site of my dreams.

I took up this blog as a joke because I’ve tried many other writing sites and failed miserably. But I gotta say, I feel so much at home now.