Inside every prisoner, is a person who wants to break free

Inside every enemy, there is a person who fears me

Inside every man, is a young boy full of hopes and dreams

Inside every warrior, is a person who braves battle scars and defeat

Inside every room, are interiors of memories

Inside every murderer, is a board of charcuterie

Inside every musician, is noise and clarity

Inside you, is person of multiple insecurities

Inside me, is a person who would overcome these



It’s all death threats and trust with you,

I’d rather watch you shut up

Yes, my tongue slipped up and I gave you a rude surprise

And, sure, the world got to know, of our little secret enterprise

I thought it didn’t matter

I thought it was fun

Why should I give a shit when the deed is already done?

Why mope over spilt milk and fight over the graves of the forgotten?

Leave me be, and Don’t let me get rotten.

You say it’s all my fault that you lost to the Tsar,

But the pawns were already charging before you even planned on waging war.

So leave this unattended messenger be

Because you have mistreated me

For all my callous actions

And I have retorted nothing to thee.

And like a fool I took this abuse to please you, my Lord

When I could’ve broke the whip and ran off.

Omission is a lie

And Omission is an error

You and I are at fault

Together Forever.

Pillage Hearts

You give me so much of false hope

The worst thing to give someone

Stop giving me the love you don’t receive

Your golden eyes make my heart asphyxiate

I see your waves from across the hall

But then I run away from such signs sights

Because deeper meanings have always ruined movies for me

You come in here and pillage everything you can

You take my help to ruin my sanity,

You take pleasure in watching me fear society,

You take my smiles and make them ethereal,

You take my heart,

My heart.


When the supernovas collide

Do you feel how much it burns?

That’s how much it hurts

When you’re not here.

You are my pilgrimage

My retreat.

Lightyears ahead of my path

You shine above to light the way

Over thousands of the bones of the dead.

I pray you’ll fall out of the sky

And onto my arms

So that I can touch you again

Because, honey, I’ve lost all feeling

I’m all bones and no skin.

I’ve been traveling in this lonely row boat

From terra to your abode in space

Through the cluster currents

And pushing through asteroids

Just so I can kiss you once more.

I want to give up on this journey

But you give me assurance that

Everything will be alright.

But how alright can I be when you’re a dead star?

doorstep blues

as I waste my hands on the piercing strings of this twenty year old guitar

i think of how much it hurts you and your father

that i play this broken body to it’s death

outside your doorstep

i live

with cigars and all this short lived satisfaction

yet i can only think of playing hide and seek with your lips

your mother tries to explain your early demise

but i won’t accept your cancer ridden corpse

in the mortuary of my mind

give me the love that i deserve

damn it

your father tries to explain but i wont have any of it

i’ll continue to be the only constant thing in your graveyard

singing songs that turn out to be my wailing

my sorrows echo through these white lily walls

promise me you’ll safeguard our heart’s tomb,

till the curtain of my life


For a Friend #1

Through all the awkward stares

And the intelligent battles

We sit together to finish this model.

I speak about nothing useful

And you make fun

While your hands work magic

On the breadboard we’ve got.

Four more years of this life

And I hope we get to be on the same team

Because I’m as useless as the empty cupboard

Near our feet.

Please forgive me for not knowing better

I try, but fail as much

As the sun fails to stay up all night

And send it’s leave letter.

But I’m so confused as to how you think and feel

You seem distant

And I often think it’s because of me

Whether that be true or not to be.

Turn Around

I was looking for something I couldn’t find in you

So when I finally realized my fallacy

I turned my back to you and found everything I was missing

I might not have found what I was looking for

But I created a life where I didn’t need it anymore.

senseless #2

Feel like a mess

Feel like a sinner

Take my revenge

And save my saviour

But I can’t pretend to be hero.


Love fades

But the memories bite

Love fades

But the emotions fight

“Do you remember me?”

I wish I didn’t.


I love a boy

I love a girl

But does it matter?

It still hurts the same.


Break me

in half

and eat a


mesh the leftover

and let the people ponder

why men change

but the truth is we don’t even feel it

we go through the stress and the warmth

and the freezing cold.

There is no way we cannot change

so don’t ask me why I’m not constant

I live my life like

Existence is a lie

Like society is blind

Like the stars are scars

to the heaven that is so hard to find.