i hope i don’t die before i repay my unpayable debts

the coffee stains my teeth

creating its own masterpiece on my once white canvas

ants sting my flesh

but all i feel is your bite

false hope is the worst thing you can give someone

after your tiny little deprecating words scattered into my timeline

my words often don’t make sense

but they don’t have to because

mitochondria is the power house of the cell.



You promise to be Inseparable,

But Detachable, we never were,

My arms reach for you when I hear your Pains and Problems,

And my heart echoes forward when I hear your Beautiful giggles,

However hollow now,

I hope to meet you soon, my friends,

Dead or Alive.


Our futures merely tessellate

Just carbon footprints on the cleaned floor

I hear voices of imminent danger

While you see dreams of the omnipresent living-dead

We connect with suffering and share our chalice of blood

And find ourselves separated by the 4th dimension

Ma, I hope you find what you’re looking for

Because I’m starting to come to terms with

The inevitability of our destruction.


With her blood red beads around her mocha skin

and her bright kohl lined eyes

her hair thicker than the taiga

and sleeker than the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7



that explodes in your face if you charge it….

sleeping with the wolves

Hike up your skirt

shorten your blouse

put on some lipstick

and put on your best smile

he’s coming just for you

with his meaty hands

and his blocks of money

he hikes up from town

to get you something pretty

but everyone knows where he’s headed

to the devil’s den

to do his dirty deed

this brothel saves none

and no stack of green

can save this poor maiden of 18

but she carries her brother’s handicap

and prays the devil might save me.

September Recluse

“September, be good to this old king,

He who hath lost his way.

I have traveled so far, sans everything,

Lost his darling daughters to lions called men,

And was impeached by my wife and brother.

I was kicked out of the heaven I made,

And now traverse the land I built for them.

But they spit at my crown,

And I had to abandon my gold cloak,

For some food and rub my face with dirt,

To lessen the scowls I received from my subjects.

I am alone and I am unloved,

So tell me September,

Will you be good to me now?”


they say we look good together

but they don’t feel what i feel

even though she doesn’t lay a finger on me

she leaves cigarette burns on my spectre

bullet bees swarm out of her mouth

and i’m her million dollar target

the emotional cuts seem invisible

but burn like paper cuts in vinegar

they stick to the walls of your throat

changing your words to suit theirs

no limits for them to poison your personality

till you feel like you’re nose deep in tar

everything she says will scar you

and she will act like the victim with her mist of tears

and fill your sex with fears

why continue feeding her life force

when she can extinguish yours?


People’s states of mind

are so fragile and I can’t help

but think that i am one of them

i used to carry myself with a poker face

and blind my peripheral view for no distractions

and armed myself with a cold shoulder

but here i am now, my spine a canopy over the bathroom sink

the sterility of the room makes me feel like a germ

and i can’t help but reflect the blue light onto the mirror

i cry about my worries that haven’t happened yet

and wonder if you feel the knot in my throat

when your knife plunges my spine

you backstabber

release me

i thought writing edgy shit on the internet

would help heal me

but why try when i can’t escape you?

you’ve constantly tainted my happiness

giving me reasons to feel special

but then you take more than you give

i am shell shocked by your words

find a new angel to help you

because this demon is done pretending

release me, ease my yearning,

i’ve moved on

until i heard from you again

i woke up with your worries on my mind

you’re making me colour blind

stripping my rainbow off of tints

i wish we’d stop caring

because i was convinced

that we’d gone our separate ways

but i’m gonna help you forget me

and be a total bitch

so trust me, it’ll all be better.

I Don’t Know

“I don’t know”

Often times more used

Than those three romantic words.

It is the safest bet to any compromising situation,

It’s the smoothest way to avoid conversation,

And also won’t sully anything worthwhile with the truth.

Why be emotional invested in something,

When you can be as detached as possible?

It’s insane to even think of a world without these strung up words,

“I don’t know, I just don’t.”

I can’t answer your question with satisfaction, so why bother?

You can’t comprehend what I’m trying to say, so why bother?

I can’t communicate my frustration, so why bother?

Insert “I don’t know” every time,

I’m lazy,

I’m bored,

I’m unhappy.

Orion Sky

Think about how beautiful the stars are,

And compare them to the beauty of a loved one,

Make romantic wishes on shooting stars,

And imagine them crash to the ground,

Gravity’s a bitch, but the clusters makes the ordeal seem better,

Throwing coins into the galaxy’s wishing well,

When the huge expanse of dotted nothingness takes your breath away,

Do you enjoy how minuscule your role in this universe is?

Do you scream into the Ocean’s Orion sky,

In unison with your voices?

When every word you say, seems unheard and deep,

Do you wish you could fly to the stars and incinerate yourself?

Humpty Dumpty

The beginning of something good

Often has a disastrous end

However sugar coated and mellow it was

The end leaves that taste of “It wasn’t worth it”

Some may call it bitter but I call it stagnant

The stagnant taste of chocolate

Which is much worse

It takes forever to forget

No amount of healing can piece my senses all together

I fell in love

But he turned a strong woman into

Humpty Dumpty.