i’ve been feeling miserable lately. i feel abandoned. i feel like i am reaping what i sow. i am so hell bent on being alone and untouched that i hurt everyone and feel no remorse. but all those times i am reminded that my parents did a horrible job of raising me, i think they…

metaphorical babies, amirite?

i cried for the stupidest reason today! well not a stupid reason, more like the trigger for my tears came from an unexpected place that i’m a little embarrassed about it. i was reading a manhwa called how to snag an alpha. the story had developed to where the main couple has a child. the…

the day i smelled of death

don’t let the smell of candy and roses fool you it is simply to mask the smell of death emanating from my mind and body the stench of death would have given away my true cover but i will douse myself in essential oils and oud so that you will never know what a dead…

Sleeping Beauty

My favourite disney princess growing up was Aurora. I now realise how much I relate to her, In a trance-like state, How she pricked herself on the needle of a spindle wheel. I sometimes gravitate towards a trickling of red. I am convinced she is as depressed as I am, Considering how much I would…

who do u attribute your success to?

me. and my raw desire to leave the treasure trove of pain that was my family’s heirloom passed down from generation to generation. i did not want it to be passed down to me. i refused to accept that fate. i left so that my successors and equals would not have to accept that forced…

Aurora|I went too far

There was this song That i used to hear during my relationship with him That has haunted me whenever it came on the radio But years have passed and I tried to see if those songs lost their effect on me. If the pain was as excruciating as it was then. It was. I had…


Let the anaesthesia flow Through my veins, shiver And my slumber quivers Dipping in and out of reality While I go in and out of surgery Let the anaesthesia flow Out of my system And bring me back To the comforting pain To know I’m alive.


Between her legs came chasms of pain A river of red A period of hate Everyone heard her cries Everyone understands her woes, But she denies ever having such moans After her veil of maroon removed, torn. She was a perfect angel She claims She just had cravings for chocolate  And the mood to maim….

Twilight Showers

Twilight, you outstretched your arms to me
And I let myself be held in your tender clouds
I let my body tremble while you held me tightly
I walked home with your tears intermixing with mine
My rain became our little secret.


Why did such an important part of me have to be so fragile and made of glass?

She over heats when she gets annoyed and becomes as cold as ice when trying to correct my words,

This is an abusive relationship; I throw her around and scratch her body,

Sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident,

Either way, she doesn’t feel pain

But the aftermath of our little war does appear on her surface,

Like the crack on the beloved china doll,

And it pains me for doing that to her.

She is constantly around me and I keep having to recharge her with kisses,

Tell her I love her, but there’s only so long she’ll stay with me,

The cracks on my phone represent all the times I was clumsy and stupid,

She deserves more, She deserves a man with no errors, Not me,

A Mere Human.